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About us

We are RV Evolution, and we deal with ...

... production of motor homes, vans, and expedition cars. We create homes on wheels, including spacious bathrooms, airy kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms. Together with David Krs, we warmly welcome you on our “Journey to freedom”.

“Hello everyone,

Together with RV Evolution, we are building a new brand of Czech motorhomes EVO. Our top priority when creating residential vans and expedition vehicles, are you. Customers. I will personally lead a dialogue with you, from the initial designs, through configuration to detailed modifications of your vehicle. We are going to create a unique residential van, or expedition vehicle suited to your style and needs.

I am not a newcomer to the market; I have been helping to shape the Czech residential building market for twenty years. With my experience and modern technologies, such as 3D software from Siemens, CNC machinery, or 3D printing, we are developing our own accessories for motorhomes and campervans. Our goal is simple, a satisfied customer. Welcome to RV Evolution”

David Krs, founder

Today, RV Evolution is already a well-known name on the Czech market, and customers from all over the Czech Republic come to the modern area of Business Park Republikánská. Not only them, as the company grows larger, but first customers from Germany and Austria are also finding their ways to Pilsen. Cooperation with big names such as Bosch Termotechnika or Paragan Trucks is developing, and very interesting specials are coming out too. Visit us in Pilsen and experience true freedom in travel.

A new chapter begins, the first EVO campervans ride out into the world.




The first order arrived

The first residential installation was completed on the Fiat Ducato L3H2 chassis and brought a new development element - a special table leg for greater comfort and space savings in the kitchen area of the car.

EVO Comfort

EVO Comfort

EVO Comfort


We have appeared in

We regularly appear in well-known caravan and travel magazines; there we often bring our knowledge and experience to enthusiasts and the public. We are also preparing for our first exhibition, and we are launching an Instagram profile..


The first handover

We handed over our first residential van and together with our customers we experience moments of happiness and joy. We wish them many new adventures and an endless journey in the EVO Comfort campervan. See for yourself how the first handover went. To this day, we remember this moment with a smile on our lips.


Bosch Termotechnika

The specific project of van conversion in the form of a promotional vehicle for a leader in the field of heating – Bosch Termotechnika. We are establishing a long-term partnership and interesting cooperation.

Be a part of the story.

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