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EVO Individual, a multi-purpose campervan

With a growing interest in "minor" delivery modifications, Mercedes-Benz sprinters with the INDIVIDUAL designation are leaving for the roads.

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Published 21. 6. 2022 17:45


This time we went to the exhibition with a larger number of cars, the floor plans of EVO Weekend, Comfort, and Family could be seen, as well as the new residential building marked Grand.

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Published 21. 6. 2022 17:33

The new EVO Grand motorhome is leaving for an adventure

A new motorhome under the EVO brand is on. The van conversion in the Ford Transit L4H3 chassis aims primarily at the off-road world. With a 4x4 drive, proper 18-inch wheels, and special ramps located on the side of the vehicle, nothing is an obstacle.

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Published 21. 6. 2022 17:21


Due date: 5/03/22

We have participated in our first exhibition! Our team joined the twelfth year of FOR CARAVAN in PVA EXPO PRAGUE on this exhibition of residential vehicles, caravans, and accessories. Regarding the covid restrictions, our thoughts were a little bit skeptical.

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Published 22. 3. 2022 5:50


Due date: 20/01/22

EVO Weekend

We proudly present the new „campervan“ in our EVO family – EVO Weekend. Built specifically on MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles), such as Ford Custom, or Mercedes-Benz Viano, it is suited mainly for short family trips and also serves as a second family vehicle with vast cargo space.

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Published 22. 3. 2022 5:47

Horizontal table leg

Due date: 19/01/22

Horizontal table leg RV Evo is one of our patented solutions for confined spaces of residential vehicles and boats. It is possible to mount it onto any vertical surface, and we are using it mostly in our EVO Comfort.

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Published 22. 3. 2022 5:45