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Introduction > Newsletter > The new EVO Grand motorhome is leaving for an adventure

The new EVO Grand motorhome is leaving for an adventure

A new motorhome under the EVO brand is on. The van conversion in the Ford Transit L4H3 chassis aims primarily at the off-road world. With a 4x4 drive, proper 18-inch wheels, and special ramps located on the side of the vehicle, nothing is an obstacle.

The entire interior of the residential van is designed in gray UNI color and is complemented by bamboo. As soon as you enter, the first noticeable thing is a kitchen block with a double cooker and a pair of FASP 503 foldable seats in a second row. Seats can be easily unfolded into a 120x180 cm bed and thus the conversion can take up to 4 passengers with all the comfort needed. Combine all of this with a spacious refrigerator, a popular fixed shower with toilet, ambient lighting and not to even mention a spacious sleeping area with parameters of a classic double bed. The storage area is also vast and contains an easy pull-out plate with a 200kg load capacity. 

Up for an adventure!